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Richard Gained 25 Pounds But Lost Fat

Richard came to me wanting to get jacked, we started with nutrition coaching and a plan to follow for the gym using my app. We had him eating more, training 5x/wk. In about 8 weeks he gained 25 pounds and lost fat. It was amazing, one of the fastest transformations I've seen for a lean bulk.

This is just the beginning for him, he would normally do a cut and then continue the back and forth cycles until we find a nice balance.

Once he got this far I told him about JiuJitsu and he then went on the start that with his new found confidence. He got a hair cut, started dressing better, socialized more, it changed him in many ways. All around improvement for his life.

If you are ready to make a change in your lifestyle and ready to step things up in your life, use the link to apply for coaching. I can only take on so many clients at once, so spaces are limited. Cheers!

Check out these photos, he literally weighs 25 pounds more in the bottom row of photos. Visibly less body fat, more muscle and 25 pounds heavier!

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