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Maybe the BRO'S were right all along...

Here's what I learned from switching to 6 meals per day (the bro way). I'm not hungry and I don't have cravings. This is the most useful outcome. I use to do "If It Fits Your Macros" because techincally it's pretty similar to cram all your calories into a couple of meals instead of spreading them throughout the day. You can get away with this, chicken fingers and pizza, just don't go over your calories and you will lose weight. With IIFYM I would eat more ice cream, frozen pizzas and just tasty frozen things. The end result was bad eating habits. Why would you deem them "bad", well because I would overeat them because they were hyperpalatable. SO... IIFYM does work technically but sometimes the old school body builders were right, chicken and rice with a little veggie 5-6x/day helps keep the appetite low, protein intake high throughout the day and there is never a time where you are starving. Just a constant supply of high quality food. It also helps with my eczema, skin or any other gut disorders. I've also started training back with weights 5 times per week body building style along with Jiu Jitsu 3x/wk. This combined with the 6 meals per day is really starting to burn some extra fat because I'm not overeating when I'm tired. I have a budget. I hope you expereiment with going back to the old school ways of having multiple meals per day instead of falling into the trap of eating whatever you want as long as the calories and macros somewhat fit. It was useful to me!

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