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Here's The Real Way To Lose Weight - Beginner's Guide

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

You are overwhelmed with all the diets, you feel stuck and don't know who to trust or what to do and how to get started right? There is KETO, Intermittent Fasting and many others and everyone has a different opinion selling you the latest trend. Here is the last diet you will ever need, let's get started.

I have personally lost over 60 pounds using these methods, and have helped 100's of clients do the same thing.

This method I'm about to show you will be the most straight forward, easy to follow results oriented method for weight loss and you will get results.


Why Your Diet Hasn't Worked In The Past

Are you like many who gained weight during the pandemic, have increased anxiety and depression and just generally aren’t feeling that great?

You probably lost a lot of social interaction even though the drive to work was dreaded, it was a routine which made you get up at a certain time, go to bed at a certain time and get yourself put together with some decent clothes and go socialize.

Many people lost the routines which turns out were pretty good for you, your comfort zone shrank a little because you aren’t out there in the world doing things, you are in the comfort of your own home so your anxiety increased.

Some of us ordered more delivery foods and gained weight, some decided to start cooking more and got healthier.

Everyone has had a change in their life the past couple of years and now it is time to take back control of your life.

We are done thinking, wishing and pondering. We are going to move into action.

Action is the only thing that matters, thoughts and feelings are not going to run our lives anymore.

We are not going to let the anxiety of our thoughts determine the direction of our life.

Are you with me?

What is the alternative solution? You can start taking action today, right now.

When you start acting like the person you want to be, it will reduce anxiety and tell your subconscious mind that you are becoming this person. This is how you get out of that anxiety, how you lose weight and how you change your life.

If you don’t have goals you don’t have a life because you will literally and physically have no physical movement of your body, no place to go, no things to tend to, no actions to make on a minute to minute basis.

Do you get it? This is why we need to set goals but focus primarily on our minute to minute habits, routines and behaviors. This is why goals suck compared to habits. (If you are a reader like me, you can get one of my favorite books about habits HERE) If your habit is to get up at 6am and workout every day, eat lean meats, fruits and vegetables daily and get 8 hours of sleep then you will likely be strong and muscular with a slim waist which is our goal, right? It is literally that simple.

I will tell you how to eat in a few, don’t worry.

But, let’s get this straight right now. The only reason why certain diets work is because of adherence, protein intake and caloric intake.

This means that if you can stick to it, it will work.

If you eat like the person you want to become you will become it.

If you eat like a 125 pounder then you will become a 125 pounder!

Isn’t that great? It’s like 1+1 = 2

It’s literally that simple, ok I will help you set up the plan now.

How To Fix Your Diet

How many calories did you eat yesterday? This is the reason you aren't losing weight, you don't know how much food you are eating every day. Simple fix. Measure your calories daily.

There is no diet that does not work IF you stick to it, and you eat like the person you want to become. This is how I lost my 60 pounds after bulking, I had to eat like the person I wanted to become.

That means if you want to look like person “A” and you eat XYZ for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday and we change the portions to match your goals (125lbs etc), you will in fact look like person “A” and you will in fact get the results you want sooner or later with no confusion, just action.

Let’s start with this simple formula, if you are not very active and want to lose body fat just multiply your bodyweight by 10 and this will be your calorie goal for the day. For example if you weight 180 pounds your calorie goal will be 1800 per day.

Now that we have your calorie goal done let’s move on to foods. This is the simple part.

Eat mostly lean meats, fruits and vegetables if you are wanting to lose weight. That's it, simple. Don't w

orry about Keto, Intermittent Fasting or other eating strategies...these only work because they are causing a calorie deficit.

After you use the restroom every morning I then want you to measure your waist with a measuring tape and weigh yourself daily.

Keep a running log in the bathroom on a legal pad, so you can see if you are gaining weight or losing weight. This take 30 seconds to weight, measure and record. Things we measure improve.

Keep a running log and every 7 days, take an average…add all 7 days up, divide by 7 and then compare that number to the next average of 7 days and see how much weight you gained or lost.

Your first week most people lose some water weight and some don't, it really depends on a lot of factors but let's keep it simple and don't make changes for 14 days unless you have a dramatic weight gain or loss. If you are losing weight too fast increase your calories, multiply by 12 instead of 10. If you are gaining weight too fast you can reduce your calories more, multiply by 9 instead of 10.

Rinse and repeat week after week until it comes to a halt for at least 2 week until you make adjustments in calories.

You are just eating less, tracking progress and making adjustments.

This is how anything in life works, business etc.

This is how science works etc.

You run a marketing ad(experiment), see how much money it brought in(results), how much you spend on the ads and adjust as needed to make progress.

1+1=2 This is the way to success! Action.


I would recommend at least .8g/kg of protein or for those without CKD and for those who want to add muscle take 1g of protein per pound of your goal lean body weight. For example me at 230 lbs at 15% body fat I would take in about 195 grams of protein since this is roughly my lean body mass. You can calculate this by using a body fat caliper and testing your body fat, then subtracting your body fat and what you have left is your lean mass roughly. Example 230 x .15 = 34.5 and so ... (230 - 34.5 = 195.5 is your lean body mass, just multiply 195 time 1 and you get 195 which is your protein requirement for someone wanting to increase muscle mass or retain muscle mass while dieting.

So we have the foods you need to eat, how much and now when? Just three meals a day, maybe 4 if your protein intake is above 150g/day.

How to measure food? Get a food scale or measuring cup.

How to measure calories? Download the myfitnesspal app.

How to track progress? Get a bodyweight scale, measuring tape.

This is enough to get you started literally today, download the app and start tracking your calories now.

Start weighing and measuring yourself and your food now.

Start tracking your progress now and start feeling better immediately.

I hope this helps and let me know if you have any question, ready set go… NOW, no really go NOW. You start today.

Nuts and Bolts

Ok, so to make it as simple as possible just do this...

1. Eat lean meats, fruits and vegetables in the amount of 10 times your bodyweight in calories.

2. Use a system to measure your food and measure your calories, measure your results and progress daily with body weight scale and measuring tape. It is literally that simple.

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And lastly here are a few of my recommended supplements and tools to get you started on your journey.

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