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Action Is The Path

How you feel and think can control your life, you don’t feel like working out today, you don’t feel like making your food.

You feel like skipping your workouts, you feel like not doing this or that. Your emotions change daily, your thoughts change daily.

They are like a wave, you are the surfer. The path is to become a competent surfer where you can thrive in all conditions, you know the storm is coming and you can react appropriately.

You know the big waves are coming and how to ride them, you know you will take big spills and get sucked under sometimes and not know which direction is up or down while running out of breath. This is just called life.

This is par for the course and if you don’t understand this, you will think something is wrong. Nothing is

wrong, this is just life. Seemingly unexpected things happen but really we are just ignorant, of course accidents happen, deaths, loss of employment, loss of clients, relationships end and so on, this is just part of a normal life.

If you have an expectation of none of this happening then you will be very disappointed when it does happen, you will over react possibly and be emotional. You must stay the path, what is the path? The path is not being ignorant to reality.

The path is not being so concerned with your emotions and feelings that you focus on them over your day to day actions. The path is doing what is in front of you diligently because it needs t

o get done. The path is action. The path is not inaction. The path is not happiness, the path is not depression, the path is action.

It doesn’t matter how you feel, or what you think as much as it matters how you behave, what are your habits, what are your actions day to day. What do you spend your day doing? In what manner do you spend your day doing it?

If you can get away from the cloud of thoughts and emotions that take you on a ride daily and try to look at yourself from the outside and what do you see? This is a useful tool. If you are caught in a mood you can look at yourself from a 3rd perspective and say to yourself, what do you see?

Probably just a person sitting there in a mood but you can’t see into their head. You don’t know that persons thoughts, you don’t see their feelings.

So next time you are caught up in feeling states and thinking too much, try a third person perspective so that you can get back into reality.

Reality is action, reality is not dreaming.

Reality is not thinking.

Reality is listening, reality is focus, reality is consciousness and not mindless impulsive reactiveness on social media.

Set goals, then reverse engineer it. If your goal is to lose weight, what does a person who would be the person that is in great shape do? They would eat decent and consistently, that’s all. You just copy the behavior and integrate it into your life and boom you are literally an in shape healthy person its that simple.

If you want to become a YouTube, guess what… you start making videos.

If you want to become a writer, guess what you start writing.

If you want to become anything in life you just start doing the action, you never know where you will end up.

The action is the only way, the action is the path.

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